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A sexual position typically only practiced by straight couples although can be altered to cater to homosexual needs. A Chilean landslide refers to the act of a man having his legs and lower body on an elevated surface so that his torso is at a sloping, downward angle (may be achieved using a couch, bed, or similar furniture) . A female then mounts the man reverse-cowgirl style. Sex will usually last close to a minute, at which point the female will release a flush of slow-moving diarrhea that will make its way down the sloping torso of the male who's face will become immersed in the diarrhea, much as what happens when a landslide meets a town.
"Hey Ron! Did you go to the Chilean landslide orgy at Kevin's house? I heard every guy there left with a face full of Chipotle and Taco Bell!"
by Flaccid_Nipples May 29, 2015
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