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The Chief Haggisbomb is a larger version of the Haggisbomb. Nicknamed 'The Chief' a Chief Haggisbomb is made by purchasing a 2 litre bottle of Irn Bru and a bottle of Jäger. After buying the Irn Bru, drink or empty a quarter of the bottle and fill it up with Jäger. Mix it up so the Jäger mixes in with all of the Irn Bru. The end result, is a 2 litre Haggisbomb, known as the Chief Haggisbomb.
Guy 1: Hey pal, can you get me a 2 litre bottle of the Bru and a bottle of Jäger?

Guy 2: Aye sure, but why?

Guy 1: I'm going to make a Chief Haggisbomb.
by Tartan Warrior June 19, 2013
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