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A finishing move during oral sex, preferably a 69'er, which requires the male to excessively scratch the clitoris of the female, until the surface is rather shiny and painful to touch. The scratching should be performed in 10 second intervals at 300SPM, followed by recovery touches to see if pain is evident in the female; the touch should last 1/2 a second max.
Once a satisfiable level of pain is reached, the male quickly rotates 180 degrees, inserts his penis in the vagina of the female and blows.
Sandra: Ohh yeah
Harry: You like that when i scratch your clit
Sandra: Yeahhhaha..ahhh.. wtf are you doing!!! :@
Harry: Giving you a chicken-scratch/blow in snatch
Sandra: Are you kidding me, stop that shit right now or its over!!
Harry: Okay sorry.. (Looks at ceiling in reflection) Goodnight hun (:
Sandra: You shut the fuck up!
by Smoigen June 15, 2011
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