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the classiest people you will ever meet, they would never involve them self in any sort of trouble or nonsense. they are a higher class of homeless than the homeless anywhere else in the world! they don't touch any illegal paraphernalia and are considered to be at a higher social class level than the wealthy citizens of Chicago.
Indian girl "Homeless people carry guns and rob people wherever you go in Chicago it's not safe anywhere. i can't even walk to my dads house which is 5 steps away without getting robbed by a hobo that's strapped up!"

Smart socially cultured person "No they don't, they have principles and are good people, they help you in times of need and will watch your kids and raise them like their own. The only better suited creature to raise your children better then a Chicago homeless person would be an alpha wolf or lion with wings. they are majestic and beautiful people and they can only be found in Chicago."

Indian girl "idiot no, i make eggs so i know everything"

SMCP "you'll never understand i give up..."
by Dom988 February 06, 2014
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