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To kill yourself, typically by hanging. Made famous after Chester Bennington did it. Also known as the 'Ol Bennington.
Did you hear about so-and-so? I heard he Chester'd himself.

Robin Williams did the Ol' Bennington. That's right, Patch Adams Chester'd himself.

If the dishonor for one is too much to bear, thou shalt Chester Oneself.

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1. I've become so HUNG and now I am DEAD
2. I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, I filled my pants with splatters
3. Crawling up my neck, this noose it will not yield
4. I'm breaaaaaking my laryyyyynx tonight. I'm hanging from the waaallllllll, because I'm full of faullltttssss
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by Dewwit! July 08, 2019
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