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A unique spelling of "Shellby." Perhaps the least common; those who bear this spelling tend to be just as unique. Typically full of love and capable of feeling deep, overwhelming emotions, which they struggle to tame. Always cute, but rarely feel like it. Usually dress like they're going to a five star brunch with their rich mom friend. Their great writing abilities stem from their expert conversation skills. Talking to Chellbys comes incredibly easy to almost anyone. They are very worried about being liked by others, which is ironic, because most Chellbys are likable just as they are. Even if you think you'll never love again, and are in fact, adamantly against the idea, a Chellby is capable of changing your mind with her quick wit and irresistible sweetness. Finding a Chellby is a gift. If one invites you into her game, you would be wise to play.
Person 1: "Wow, that person seems like the biggest loser I've ever met, but is also somehow the coolest?"
Person 2: "Yeah. That's just a Chellby."
by pantsman96 June 05, 2017
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