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Hes a fella who is flirtatious and a charmer.
His cheeky manner will have most women wanting more.

He knows what MOST women want to hear and has an amazing ability of being a smooth operator when it comes to the opposite sex.

He will 'usually' be a player and have women falling at his feet because of his rough diamond charm.
Generally he will meet a women (cheeky ratley) who will play him at his own game, and will have him eating out of the palm of her hand. He can be tamed and under the thumb but only when he has met his match will this ever happen.
He will probably be of welsh origin, unable to speak the language, but believe himself to be french.
My little taffy friend is a cheeky chav, Every girl needs a cheeky chav in there life if not as a lover then definately a friend. Hes a great crack, terrible flirt a real rough diamond.
by PikeyPrincess January 13, 2010
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