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A cheeky baw as scottish slang for cheeky testicle , a process in which one displays there tesicle or " Baw " to someone , this can be played as a game with a points system dependind on location and target or performed for " the banter "

Any inapropriate moment to display ones testicle, if amusing should be referred to as a cheeky bawpertunity and taken with 100% disregard for personal safety.
Jim: " 50 points if you drop a cheeky baw on those kids "

Jack: " I would so whip out a cheeky baw on those old ladies if i had some"

Fraser: " getting pulled over for speeding? what a cheeky bawpertunity! "

Andy: " Harris, geez a cheeky baw! "
by Grant ian craig Robertson June 24, 2011
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