Chedderbob is the "Kingpin" of sorts of the southwest Michigan area. He is well known by many as Chedder, McChed ect. Chedderbob has connections to people on the far brinks of the area he is from. His group of friends consist of The Amigo, Riceball, The Party, and many others. He is a celebrity in this area, he can handle his women and also handle his enemies. He is not to be tampered with.
"Hey man, did you see Chedderbob just beat that guy? He didnt even have to hit him, he just told him things about how he is insicure about himself and then he left! It was crazy!"

I love Chedderbob, he is so kind and sensative, yet he can also be quite a bad ass when he needs to be."
by blazing streak June 30, 2010
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