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References used among inmates incarcerated within institutions of the Canadian Prairie region and possibly other institutions nationally or internationally.

Check-in: An inmate who is unstable and acts in such a way that Corrections Officers are left with no option but to upgrade the inmate's security level and have him or her removed from a low security setting.

Check-off: An inmate who is forced to move units by other inmates. This scenario is often initiated by gang members in an attempt to create available bed-space with the hope that free beds will be given to "bro's" or, in the case of a woman's institution, "bitches."

Check-in: "Fuck, bro, look at this crazy check-in. What a bitch. The goof (see definition) didn't last a minute before freaking."

Check-off: "You'd better check-off, bitch. The bro's need a bed and if you don't check-off you're gonna get done-up (likely stabbed with an improvised weapon , or shank (see definition), or severely beaten. )
by Mr. Muggs June 12, 2017
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