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A check cashing business, usually located within the ghetto of a town. They are filled entirely with white trash, Mexican or blacks. A Church's or Popeye's chicken can usually be found across the street from it, but not KFC, because KFC is too classy. The employees usually have no idea what they're doing, and are too busy gettin' served by one another to care. It's best not to ask them anything that requires intelligence, because this will usually result in them shitting themselves like a scared animal.
Bro 1: Hey, man, I gotta get this check cashed, but I don't gots a bank, yo.

Bro 2: Yo, dawg, there's a Check Center right there. We be in 'n' out in a minute.

Bro 1:.... I'm not black enough to go in there. We'll get robbed.
by random_zero July 26, 2012
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