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The only male in the United States to give birth to a human child, according to medical records currently on file.

Born in New Bedford Massachusetts with both male and female genitalia, Chaz was famous in his community as the "genderless kid", which was a rude and inaccurate nickname.

At the age of seventeen young Wilkens moved to Springhill Florida and was soon after miraculously impregnated by his then twenty seven year old boyfriend, who for legal reasons shall remain unnamed. The child was born with the same genetic qualities as his mother/father but unfortunately died after only two weeks due to lack of white blood cells.

Chaz Wilkens now lives in the Himalayan mountains with his husband, the same man from his teenage years, attempting at another child.

Is now a term used for humans that look male and female.
That guy/girl looks like a Chaz Wilkens.
by Assblaster69 December 11, 2012
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