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If you ever see one of these you'll know straight away as it will be accompanied by a top lad wearing his full adidas tracksuit with a bomber jacket. He'll either have Nike air max or huaraches. If they have all this gear then they will surely have there classic bag, otherwise known as a 'weed bag' or a 'chav pouch', they can only be adidas, Armani or the North face, anything else and they'll threaten to shank you. The chav bag can seems to have some sort of 'tardis' feature as it always seems like they can store mad stacks of weed, a shank some extra gear in small bag.
Oh yes Xander this morning I saw a few 'chavs' walk into the local JD's whilst I was at the pret, they came out and one of them said 'oi ye what clobber did u get??' He replied 'oi, not much just this new bag to store all my mad stacks of weed in', they then swiftly left shouting 'oi safe weeee' . Chav Bag Chav Bag
by OwenSmithTheLabourGuy July 29, 2016
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