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Chaugnar Faugn was a freedom fighter fighting for the right to keep niggers locked in wet cardboard boxes tied with pretty christmas ribbons. He also tried to opress jews in the Vatican state during Pope Optitron IV reign of apartheid. This was the cause of the speculative bubble of 1643.

Chaugner Faugn was a God in the Myan creation of suck. He created the shitty calender that everyone is worried about. Those who still believe in him are considered worse then those fags who died from aids.
Christopher Columbus, Christopher Reeves, Christopher Robin, Tigger the Nigger and Raptor Jesustron were all crucified by Chaugnar Faugn. Some say that Kenney Kjerry Knipe is the reincarnation of this sumtious creature
by portnoy mad February 12, 2010
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