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Alright here’s the chatroulette drinking game. Best played with a group because the internet is a lonely and desolate place:

Everytime you see a penis you scream loudly to surprise a masturbator into disconnecting. Immediately after he disconnects you drink a sip of your beer.

You drink ever time you see a black man and loudly announce “black man!”
If you see chicks, you shout “show your tits.” If they show their tits you drink the rest of your beer.

Anyone else, you insult the shit out of them before they switch to the next person.

You never may end the conversation unless the person is obviously not doing anything. They must end it. If they haven’t, you must point at them and insult them until they end it.

(you may open a new window)
The Chatroulette drinking games if fucking awesome. Holy shit I got fucking wasted while screaming at dudes beating their meat.
by Dr. Cokevelle July 25, 2010
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