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Also known as a chastity pretzel, the chastity knot is a form of sterilization in which the penis is tied in a knot, therefore making it virtually impossible to have sex. It is commonly practiced in African tribes and isolated Jewish communities. This somewhat odd method of sterilization can result in several fatal side effects. The penis may have a restricted blood flow which results in gangrene and in extreme cases, the penis falling off. In addition, if the person with a chastity knot obtains a boner it will result in death.
Jewish mother: Oy vey! I caught my son kissing a girl the other day, I think I may have to administer a chastity knot!
Jewish mother 2: Nothing like a good 'ol chastity pretzel! Now what say you to a bagel with salmon and cream cheese?
by Jewbagel Supreme February 28, 2013
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