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The top three schools in Charlotte, North Carolina all of which are private college preparatory schools. The origin is a play on the "Big Three" from the Ivy League. The Charlotte Big Three includes the schools of Charlotte Country Day (colloquially referred to as 'Country Day'), Charlotte Latin, and Providence Day School. High achieving students from the Charlotte Big Three typically go to UNC-Chapel Hill, W&L, Middlebury, Ivy Leagues, Duke, Cal Tech, Stanford, and Davidson while lower achievers are found at College of Charleston, Hampden-Sydney, and SEC schools.
Myers Park B Student: "Wow! Eight people from MP are going to attend UNC-Chapel Hill this coming year, it's amazing since Chapel Hill has a 31.6% acceptance rate and many of our top 15% didn't get accepted!"

Providence Day Student: "I'm part of the Charlotte Big Three therefore Chapel Hill was my safety school..."
by NeverAcceptedToBigThree June 22, 2011
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