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Charlie The Unicorn 3 is the third installment to the popular internet series "Charlie The Unicorn." It starts out with Charlie walking normally when he hears the voices of the annoying blue and pink unicorns from the previous videos, and they suddenly appear in time travel gear claiming they're from the future, They want Charlie to come to the future with them, and tell him to grab onto their toungues, which whip out like ropes onto Charlie. They bring Charlie to the future to finish their snowman, which looks exactly the same as before except their gear is gone. The 2 unicorns say that they might wake the "Umu" which isn't really there, and they have to be sneaky, which is shown randomly by the blue and pink unicorns flailing their legs as if they were limp, which Charlie states he clearly can't do. They apparently woke the Umu and they run to a boat shaped like a duck, and once again Charlie has to "grab onto their toungues." After a short ride and annoying telephone noises the 2 unicorns make, they are pulled into a liquid abyss, which is where the snowman lies. During an underwater journey to the snowman, they come across a door that is standing straight up and doesn't go anywhere, and is said it can see into your soul, which the pink unicorn soon after says he was just joking. When they're almost there, random sea creatures swim above, which the unicorns make Charlie stop for. Charlie angrily says he doesn't care about every sea creatures, but they say the creatures care about him, when suddenly a goat-seal-like thing sings a song about how the fish love him, and he spontaneously combusts like the other creatures did in the previous 2 videos. Charlie finds the snowman without a nose, but suddenly sleeping gas comes out, knocking him unconscious. The video ends with him waking up finding that the 2 unicorns took his horn and used it as a nose, which Charlie complains about very briefly, but he then sees his kidney, which the unicorns took in the first video, in the snowman.
by Charlieawesome April 15, 2009
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