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The Charlie Hedblow is a ludricous office sex act whereupon the female partner instructs the gentleman to Paint Her Like One of His French Girls. So he draws a big beard upon her face and wraps a turban around her head. At this point she starts seducing him with some dirty French, uttering "je suis Charlie". He proceeds to gag Charlie with his pulsating pencil penis by having her give him a blowy. This gagging act makes him more excited and empowered than ever. So he drops his trousers, fulling drawing his weapon from his front pocket in the office, and shouts "Muhammad, peas be upon you". He proceeds to ejaculate rounds of fuckjuice all over her face shouting "Allah Uh Ackbar ". Candles are lit in Telford in memory.
Oi you French slag, gizza Charlie Hedblow for 5 euros
by Crimzon Clotter May 15, 2018
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