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A goddess of beauty and love descended from the heavens. Was created by the gods to make all things on earth happier and lovable. She is known for her amazing-ness, beauty, and stunning smile. Guys fall for her all the time, she has a problem though-she is very insecure. A lot of people don't see it because they are blinded by her inner beauty. The guys can't stop thinking about her. She is also known for loving other people and her family, she has a charm on guys, she is sometimes shy or quiet, she closes up like a delicate flower if one should hurt her. But why would anyone want to hurt her? Same reason as anyone else I suppose. She is astonishingly beautiful. Her hair varies from blonde to brunette. She is a kind hearted person, who is driven, and motivated, but still finds time to help others. She can be shy and awkward, but it's always the in the sexiest way. Elise's rarely cause conflict and are friendly with everyone. In addition, they usually have perfect curves.
Hey, do you see that spyglass figure in the corner sitting all alone?
Yeah, what about her?
That's Chante Elise... She's beautiful. Think she's worth my time?
Well... she volunteers and doesn't drink. Go for it!!
by Prader December 22, 2012
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