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Chanaè is a sweet, caring and beautiful girl, who is very popular when it comes to choosing a friend. She has the most beautiful dark brown eyes that no one really sees at the moment. She is very sensitive when it comes to criticism, but lights up with a smile straight away. She has a lot o friends who care for her just like she cares for others. She is the sweetest friend to have. She is very attractive and good in relationships with guys whose names start with 'F' 'C' 'R' 'S' and 'E'. She
You know Chanaè she's super cute, but stay away she's mine.
Chanaè is the sweetest person ever.
by Angelxx July 10, 2017
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Hottest white girl alive with a crazy amazing voice! She has a spunky personality and gets along with every one! She has a great sense of fashion and a beautiful smile!
Did you hear that white girl sing at the bar last night? she must be a Chanae!
by Irasmartee13 September 21, 2010
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