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continued from GuitardHero88
Only enjoy doing 45-50% of what they enjoy, or they might pick up on it really quick.

Never look off or act goofy, because you might get caught in a "I Bet You Can't Bang That Chick" look, and it's over right there.

Always go back to her place, because a chameleon always has a the room of a white rich child with too much clothing on the floor or they live with ma in the office on an air mattress.

Once at her place make sure not to come on too strong until after about 30 minutes in, because back at the house she can drill you even more...It's happened to me so I know.

Once everything is set and you think the timing is right start putting slow moves on her... will be almost impossible for her to resist.

Then exit strategy...pretty simple....The Quagmire

by GuitardHero88 April 10, 2010
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