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The "pet name" given to students of Dr Challenor's girls' and boys' school. Often these Chally Basher's have no idea that they have been given such a name.

Girls- Some okay, others from some nerdy/slutty planet of "WAnnaBEChav". Unable to produce a rebellious attitude towards school, think being naughty involves passing a note or chewing gum in class or the favoured method handing homework in late. BY 2 WHOLE HOURS!!!!! :O

Boys- Some okay, but mainly dicks, (or lack there of). "OH LOOK A RUNNING BAG!" Is a common phrase tossed around by passers by but actually it is a Chally Basher with his PE bag, they are burdened with a disease in which their PE bags grow to an enormously freakish size. Often they travel by hyper train, but some ride bikes. Those who travel without the company of adults are sure to be harassed- especially when on foot- by Amersham School girls and boys, mostly because Amersham School exceeds their intellectual level greatly.


Both girls and boys have exceptionally large fear of Amersham School pupils, unless escorted by Mother and Father aka the two best friends a chally basher will EVER have.
"Oh my! A Chally Basher"

"Haha that Chally Basher is crawling through a bush, hhm he must be very scared!"

"Ugh man, your shoes are roughage you must be a Chally Basher"

A Chally Basher trying to be hard. Conversation between Oris and Moris:

"Oi Blud, you get me homey! Oh hahaha I am having a jolly good time sniffing my cocaine, in other words my bath salts."

"Oh yes Morris, the only drugulation one will ever take is the clever pill or birth control- despite the fact I am male!"

"But Orris, my good friend Gaylord has taken bath salts before, he felt rejuvenated!"
"Oh just kiss me you sexy beast!"
by fantaben January 03, 2012
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