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a girl who loves cats, has short, brown hair, and loves to swim. she also has great roasts.
*online chat*

kathryn: hi chaleigh! im kathryn!

chaleigh: yeah i know ur username is legit and yes i know my name is chaleigh....

kathryn: ahaha yay finally someone who can spell my name. anyways, can you describe yourself? :)

chaleigh: im human, and i have short hair. its brown.

kathryn: oh cool! i have long, brown hair, and blue eyes.

chaleigh: yeah. nice.

kathryn: i can tell we are going to be such great friends! you are so funny, and i love you already. we can have sleepovers, and hang outs where we gossip! oh, i cant wait.

chaleigh: oh geez, aren't you another little desperate turd?

kathryn: uh, i'll find a new bestie. :.....((((

by extremelylonghead April 22, 2018
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