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CentreCom is Australia's Worst Notebooks and Computer Components Provider. They sell computers for a cheaper price, but once it sold, the deal's done and they don't want to know you exist. They only care about your money. The worst centre of it all is CentreCom Blackburn. Don't even consider stepping into that place. The customer service is unbelievably poor. Wouldn't you rather spend a couple more dollars on a notebook with the knowledge that if the notebook is faulty you can always go back to the place where you bought it and they'll make everything alright without any long drawn-out dramas?
"Oh you bought a computer from us 1 mth ago? We've already got your money, why are you harassing us with your problems when we're not getting paid to listen to your crap" - heard from the manager of Centre Com Blackburn.
by Michael Rogers9732 November 11, 2009
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