A high school in El Centro, California, with an enormous band, high school spirit, and low CST scores. Has the longest high school rivalry in the United States with Brawley Union High School called the Bell Game.
Thousands have attended the Bell Game, resulting in fights, overcrowded bleachers, and people sitting on the stairs of the bleachers due to absolutely no seating.
Their mascot is a Spartan. At football games, a chariot with a Spartan would ride out onto the field during the pregame show, but the event stopped when someone got injured. Recently, however, "Sparticus" has come out in full armor riding a horse and waving a sword to get the crowd riled during the pregame show, to the terror of the tall flags and drill team.
Guy 1: "Dude, did you go to the Central Union High School game last night?"

Guy 2: "I only went to see the band. Their performance was bomb."
by akakatie January 05, 2010
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