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This type of Hoe relies on instant messaging or calling those for a booty call. Usually one of many homeboys numbers and many pictures of their male private areas stored inside their phone.

The Cell Phone Hoe also take snap shots of herself in the nude, some up close in specific areas she knows will get what she wants.

If the cell phone hoe is discovered, she will no doubt defend herself, go on offensive thus lie about her behavior, or hide cell phone which is most likely hiding it from her partner (victim).

It is said that hoes love attention and has been proven a strong fact since the only way a hoe can be a hoe is to receive what they desire. The Cell Phone Hoe is a innovated specie who has extended the need through technology itself. Becoming another of electronic evolution of the Hoe Genre.
Nate: Tia! The fuck is this in your damn cell phone!?

Tia: Why you going through my shit for!? That is private property!

Nate: No sense in being private if we are together! So much for trust you damn cell phone hoe. I got ya ass though, you been showin' the damn goods to these random fuckers too!
by Black Riz August 01, 2008
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