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This girl is one of a kind... I’m telling ya. If u hv a caynatasha in ur life. Be grateful. She might seem snobbish ( she pretty too) or mean or crazy or annoying but when she’s not around, u will feel internal emptiness.. Woah.. That’s a little too much isn’t it? But srsly, caynatasha is very weird name. Why would someone name their daughter caynatasha? How did they even get the idea?

If u meet a girl named caynatasha.. tell her i said hey
And tell her that she has an amazing weird name.
Person1: hey what’s ur name?
Person2: caynatasha.
Person1: kbye.
Person2: ...
Person1: just so u know... u hv a weird name.
Person2: yeah. I get that a lot.
Person1: u know what? Maybe we can be friends.. i can be popular with friend like u.. all weird and stuff
Person2: fuck off
by DifferentGalaxy April 22, 2018
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