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A Catholic Pedophile Apologist is a person who makes excuses about pedophiles who are catholics.
It doesn't matter whether these pedophile monsters are just Catholics or Catholic Clergy.
Every time CATHOLIC PEDOPHILIA is mentioned,for instance,in a Question in the Religious & Spirituality Section of the YAHOO!Answers website,,the Catholic Pedophile Apologists post inane,bizarre,ranting,blatantly lying answers about other religious cults,or school teachers,sports coaches,scout lesders etc,,as having more pedophiles than they do.
A Catholic Pedophile Apologist prefers to try to protect the Catholic Pedophiles who rape and sexually abuse innocent children who are virtually prisoners of the Catholic Cult,because their parents are members.
A Catholic Pedophile Apologist(some of them are even mothers)also prefer to protect their Catholic Cult religion than protect the innocent traumatised victims of Catholic Pedophilia.
by Children's Warrior September 05, 2008
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