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1. A website supposedly ran by some Catholic Laymen. It is supposedly supposed to provide sources where Catholics can have discussions, and speak about issues regaurding religion.

2. A Supposedly Catholic website with a secret Fundamentalist Catholic Agenda. Most of the topics are about trying to make sense of some forgery of a fake prophecy concerning the end of the world.

3. A Traditionalist Catholic website that spends most of their time badmouthing Protestants, but if a Protestant comes by and says anything to defend their religion, they get banned.

4. A traditionalist Catholic Website that lets you talk about some absurd "Prophecy" attributed to an 11th cent saint, supposedly who was given a list of all the popes up until the end of the world. However, the prophecy was rediscovered in the 1590's and all the popes after that point are all extremely inaccurate, meaning it is some Forgery. However, you cannot talk about some actual sensible apparition at Medjudgorge, since it has not been officially approved yet. Go figure.
Catholic Answers Thread: Martin Luther the son of the Devil, and the AntiChrist.

Info: He was a wicked man, full of blasphemy.

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Religion: Lutheran Status: Banned
Answer: He was just trying to fix the problems going on in the Church.
by jdogruff January 24, 2010
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