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The single greatest event to happen ever. formed by a devious group of juniors, the chs rave was an underground rave that took place in between b basement and the main basement. hundred came from all over campus to rave for the sake of raving.

Temperature: 146 degrees
Average person per square foot: 3

Attendance: 250+

chs rave > chs courtyard battle

chs rave > woodstock
chs rave > the american revolution
chs rave > the roman empire
chs rave > the invention of fire
chs rave > bowflex
chs rave > grendel
chs rave ≥ the birth of jesus christ
chs rave > mel gibson performance in braveheart
chs rave > rocky balboa
The Cathedral Rave penetrated my soul... and i liked it?
by /b/103 October 01, 2009
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