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Also "Catch the Golden Snitch"

1. To orgasm.
2. What you do after you beat your bludgers

"The Snitch" is a walnut-sized golden ball with silvery wings that flies at insanely high speeds on it's own accord; the only way to end a Quidditch match is for the Seeker to catch it in their hands. This action not only ends the game, it gives the Seeker's team 150 extra points, which is usually enough to win them the game outright.

Ergo, when a male finishes masturbation and holds something silvery and golden in his hands, he has "caught the snitch" and, ultimately, ended the game.

"Catching the snitch" can also be used loosely to refer to the conclusion of any sex act, male masturbation or otherwise.
Before Professor Glitch (The Ravenclaw Seeker) can catch the Snitch, he has to bring his Firebolt into the air and beat his bludgers for a while.
by The Ravenclaw Seeker June 11, 2004
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