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Castilian is the official language of Spain and all the countries that have been colonized by Spain. The term 'Spanish' is totally incorrect. WRONG! The language we speak is called Castilian (Castellano). It is the same language spoken in Spain (just different accent). You musn't forget that Spain relies on 4 languages (Spanish languages) which are Castilian (Official one) Galician, Catalan, and Euskera.
Ezekiel: Hey, Paul, how are you doing?
Paul: Hi, Zek, I'm pretty good, thanks!
Ezekiel: why are you so nervous?
Paul: I'm not nervous, I'm just in a hurry... I have to go to my Castilian Class... sorry but I have an exam tomorrow and I have my books of Castilian in my house!! Bye!
by Messiah April 20, 2005
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