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Cassidy haley is a L.A. based recording artist whos music is currently #6 on the top electronic albums charts. He is a child of the gays. He's hitchhiked barefoot across the country dumpster diving, raged it up in Seattle and Washington DC against the global corruption of the WTO and the IMF. He's joined the Hari Krishna's in the mountains of Kentucky chanting rounds and shaving his head into a sika.. He's danced and stripped in the seediest gay strip club and sang along side Lucent Dossier at the Coachella music festival as he swung from the rafters in front of thousands of people. he has a clothing company that is his treasure and his tomb...
His music sounds like a drugged out Justin Timberlake lost in the back streets of berlin on acid after being kidnapped by a pack of raving mad drag queens... mixed in with heaven and every thing good and all the sadness and despair of lost dreams and beautiful things


Bob: Have u heard Cassidy Haley's music yet??

Tom: Yea i have and it is Bad ass!

Bob: this guy is gonna be famous!!

Tom: what r u talking about?!?! he already is!
by lady hesper September 07, 2009
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