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A sweet Russian ballerina. Her passion for dance started of at the age of 3 and since then she has taken all avenues possible to further her career in dance. She has tried many different styles of dancing but at a young age realised that it doesn't matter what kind of dance one chooses, it the heart element that is important. In 09 she travelled to Italy for a holiday and fell in love with the culture there, only to find that she wanted to stay there. Through dance she met her her lover and sweetheart Romano Boxochelli. Together they began dancing, both professionally and in into each others lives. Cassandra is very much in love with Romano and cares for him deeply. Her love is genuine and she adores him to bits. She says he brings the best in her, being her love as well as someone who she admires incredibly. In her spare time, Cassandra enjoys pursing hobbies which sooth her body, mind and soul. Meditation, yoga, reading about the universe, poetry and discovering new things are amongst her passions. Although she may seem very outgoing, she also prefers peace and loves nature. Somewhat of a loner. She is a very loyal and faithful person, is always honest, doesn't know how to lie and doesn't like to, avoids confrontation but will protect the ones she loves with all her might. She loves spending time with family and adores kids. But above all her, she finds peace and tranquility in spending time with Romano. 'He's the reason I smile everyday' she says.
And you can see the twinkle in her eye how much Romano means to her and how thankful she is to God for allowing their paths to cross. A gentle person, she loves to love and prays for harmony in everyone's lives. When she senses fear though, she retreats but never gets angry at people. She is someone who will always be there for you, to care, love and will dance till her hearts content for you.

A dancer... Cassandra Nudleania loves to dance for you
by review.Nudlea June 15, 2010
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