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A girl that is cashed. "Cashed" in the sense that stoners use it, to imply that the bowl is empty, and the person is attempting to burn the post resin. This future pro-noun applies to woman that are completely empty and or useless. In essense the paystub to an already cashed check, usually it implies to a girl that was of worth such as a once full bowl of chronic has worth to a stoner, but now has fallen down multiple slippery slopes to the point of maintaining no worth. There is no hope for these woman as one cannot become uncashed, unless she builds a time machine and prevents the intial cashing process.
Guy 1: Did that girl just get fucked by 6 dudes at the same time ?

Guy2: Yeah she used to have alot of worth when she was dating Spencer Sample, but then he broke up with her, setting forth the cashing process. Tonight those 6 neanderthals just smoked the last of the resin, that was her self esteem, the last one was about to come until he realized she was a cashed ass hoe, which lead him to refraining from climaxing, spitting on her, and then going home and cutting off his own penis.
by S.J. Sample December 08, 2010
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