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To Carry on like a Carry on, is to act like a total fool.
When all morality and saniity is thrown out the window, and reasoning is just no option. This will most of the time have an emotional outcome.

An outrageous and more than often aggressive reaction to a very simple predicament.....

Alcohol and drugs can stimulate and enhance the "Carrying on" effect.
---->Excuse me sir, but can you please relax and stop standing on the bar stool...?
---->EY FUCK YOU! you wanna rawl?! you're a cunt, and i know you had sex with my mom....

To Carry on like a Carry on

---->COME lets go to the joll for the 5th night in a row!!?? (all in broken drunken english)
----> Ag you know, we had a heavy one the night before, think we going to just relax tonight...
---> AAAH! Fuck man! Real mates, just fuck off.... (call a cab and leave to the joll in a bad and emotional mood)
---> YE you just Carry on like a Carry on!!
by Gliek-dbn April 16, 2010
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