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1. A very small town along the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle, a region also nicknamed the "Forgotten Coast" by realtors who believe this name will make the area sound more "secluded" and bring in potential property buyers. Named after a boat that landed here.

Has a population of about 2,000...the majority of these being uneducated white families and old geezers (All of whom are in the oystering/fishing/shrimping/scalloping businesses).

Has the highest teen pregnancy/drop out rate of any area in Florida.

Most people here are concerned with the major huntin' and frog giggin'.

2. This is the opinion section of the definition..Carrabelle is a shit hole town full of ignorant red necks. They'll shoot you over a sandwich or your religious beliefs and political views. It has happened to several friends of mine that have been banned from restaurants and stores because of their beliefs. Full of stupid people who think Stars, Triangles, Pentagons, and Hexagons are evil. Numbers are the devils language. And un....well this is what they DON'T HATE: Hunting, fishing, muddin', cooking alligators, and smexing their sisters.
1. Carrabelle, a land of gorgeous beaches, delicious seafood, and cancer causing drinking water...=

2. This place sucks, don't even know how my family ended up here...SAVE ME!
by Surrounded By Idiots.... January 20, 2009
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