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When a new song is released/leaked from a band, causing the band’s fan base to react strongly. Symptoms include:

-Posting a flurry of topics on the band’s message board
-Posting bulletins on Myspace
-Ripping the song and spreading downloads across the fanbase
-Make a Myspace for the song so the fanbase can add it to their private Myspaces
-Puzzling over the lyrics with constant debate over hard-to-decipher lines
-Putting lyrics from the song in their Myspace names/Myspace bylines/AIM profiles/away messages
-Saying their faith in the band has been restored
-Putting the song on repeat for many days
-Smiling non-stop for the next week or so

Named after the notable reaction Fall Out Boy fans experienced when the song “Carpal Tunnel Of Love” was released from on November 10th.
Wow, those Fall Out Boy boardies really had a case of Carpal Tunnel Of Love Syndrome when "Carpal Tunnel Of Love" was released!
by caelae November 16, 2006
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