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This is the ultimate revenge during break up sex. First off you need a girl, it works much better if you hate/wish to cause pain to this girl, aka ex girlfriend. After arranging break up sex you leave the room and apply the condom, after that you rub on Icy hot, Bengay, Texas pete ext…. to the condom, but make sure to keep it away from your unit because this is meant to cause only the female pain. You walk back into the room nonchalantly and begin to take place in sexual activity. Upon insertion she will feel a bit of a tingling sensation, but that will soon turn to excruciating pain. You should be extremely satisfied.
Dude you remember that bitch that broke up with me? well she thought it would be cool to have some break up sex, i hit her with a Carolina Cunt Burner that was so bad. that hoe is still bleeding
by Bakersville Dill November 13, 2009
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