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A catch-all euphemism for higher forms of pornography. Erotica is not included as (a) the genre is lame, (b) the word is a misnomer as it fails to present human sexuality in a provacative and striking manner as its counter part, hardcore pornography. This of course, leads to the question of whether pornography can be considered art and the answer is, it is and its detractors have simply failed to procure a high-class film, preferably involving straps, implied rape and actors that actually wear underwear underneath their clothes, or lack thereof.

Several well known auteurs include Ron Jeremy, Jenna Rocco Siffredi, Marc Dorcel and the Citizen Kane or Grand Illusion of the genre has to be a tie between a french film which involved spontanious and at times painful intercourse and an American film with the sophisticated title, "Wreck that Booty 2" The film was well recieved by film critics for its flagrant disregard for the well-being of certain parts of the female anatomy.
I am a proud patron of the Carnal Arts.
by E. Money September 12, 2009
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