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Probably the coolest chick alive. She's random, caring, funny, smart when she doesn't try to be, spontaneous, doesn't care what others think, loves with her whole heart, and forgives easily. She sees the happy side of everything and try's to spread that happiness even if it means embarrassing herself or never giving up until you learn how to too. Always in her own little world, doesn't worry too much. When she's angry she doesn't hold on to the anger for long. She laughs a lot and loves to smile. It's almost contagious. Loves meeting new people and treating them like life long friends. Gets along with anyone. She's shy if she feels judged and doesn't like judging even if she can't help it sometimes. Sees potential in anyone and has got your back if you got hers. Too nice and doesn't expect anything in return until she feels used. Goofball hardcore and 100% correct all the time. Competes to win and loves it. Just amazing. The end:)

- All I know, is I'm never gonna let Carly Perkins go.
by JealousOfHer December 30, 2011
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