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A person who is so focused on money, status and career advancement that they are blind to most of what makes life enjoyable and meaningful. Things, people and experiences that do not directly further their career goals mean nothing to them. How they dress, what they drive, where they vacation, what they talk about is all focused on presenting a competent, successful image of themselves to people in a position to hire them, promote them or give them business. Everything else in life is worthless to them (until, of course, they achieve that success and realize it didn't come close to filling the hole in them they thought it would). Then they reverse tactics and become all new-agey in an attempt to reverse decades of single-minded careerism. Children of these people roll their eyes a lot and think their parents are assholes.
I just wasted two hours of my life having dinner with my client. They're such a career nazi, we had to talk business all night long. I need a drink
by kabukulator September 30, 2010
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