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The place where comments you couldn't care less about are put.
Guy 1"Hey I just got a new job"
Guy 2 "yeah hang on a sec let me just put that in my care box"
by aloysballa February 26, 2011
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A term used in a Sarcasmicway to define that somebody/someone does not care about what others are saying, this term can also be materialized by doing the LooserL with both hands and linking both thumbs together to form a square with a missing top, that is the carebox.

Also a variant of the Careface the internet:
-Did you know that in your lifetime u eat 7 spiders in your sleep?
-l__l<---CareBox, looks empty :S

2. Irl:
-Hey have u seen her hair?
-(Carebox with fingers) Nah carebox 'bout it
by Danelplane December 25, 2008
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