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Evil minded trollop. To Scally for her own Wag. Known to wear many different color wigs to hide her Fictitious demeanour. Often seen from her back on all four limbs. Or chest to the ground and Buttock in the air, like she's listening for the Train. Appearently you know it's her cause she is also a consistent Train Rider. She's been seen with any Guy or Gal that has even the lightest dusting of Crack, Meth or LARGE PENIS. She likes to throw these EXTRA LARGE PENISES in her rectum and the back of her throat till she throws up from chocking on the EXTREMELY LARGE WANGS or she's able to swallow the Ejaculate. fruits of the Testicles. Layman's terms (Seamon). BEWARE she is said to be equipped at all times with at least 3 STDs as an hidden arsonal and she's not affraid to pass them to anyone that wanders in her direction. .... Proceed with caution.
That caboose on CardinaBraziel looks like it's living that Train Ride.

OH NO, Gonorrhea, looks like you got bite by the CardinaBraziel.

What all your shit in your house is gone, looks like CardinaBraziel has Crittled you my friend. (Usually followed by an evil Erie laugh)
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