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An individual, usually of the female sex, that lives and breathes strictly for the sole purpose of eating anything, consumable or not, that would fit within the perimeters of her "rather cavernous" mouth that is characterized as a carbohydrate. The term "queen" is loosely used and can be substituted for terms such as "fiend," "junkie" or "addict" A carb queen usually has a rotund figure similar to the Michelin man or the common domesticated cow or swine.
JIMBO: Babe what do you want for breakfast?

CARB QUEEN: I'll have a bowl of flour and maybe a cup of sugar to go with that.

JIMBO: Babe you hungry? What do you want for lunch?
CARB QUEEN: I'm so craving a pack of hot dog buns!

JIMBO: Babe it's dinner time what.....(gets cut off mid sentence)
CARB QUEEN: Trying to watch my figure, I'll just have a box of spaghetti.
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