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Captain of the Federation starship USS Voyager in the series Star Trek: Voyager. After she and her crew were stranded in the Delta Quadrant, she remained true to her Starfleet principles, and never gave up on getting home. She kept every member of her crew like family, not subordinates. Finally, after seven years, she finally got Voyager back to Earth with the help of her future self. Afterwords, she was promoted to Admiral.

Kathryn Janeway is played brilliantly by the talented actress, Kate Mulgrew. She is definitely the best captain in the entire Trek universe.
"Mr. Paris, set a course...for home." ~ Captain Janeway in "Caretaker"
"Once, I called this replicator a glorified never forgave me." ~Janeway
"Time's UP!!!!" ~Janeway, just before ramming Voyager into the Krenim timeship in "Year of Hell"
"We did it." ~Janeway after finally getting Voyager back to Earth.
by Seven_Is_Mine March 30, 2006
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Captain of the starship Voyager. Lost and stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Little do people know that Janeway has a lust for Seven of Nine. Janeway likes her coffee black, almost everyday, because of being so tired from the night before, lying awake, thinking of Seven of Nine. Janeway will sometimes masturbate 2-3 times a night in order to alleviate the tension and let out her urges.

Janeway lets her true feelings show more during season 7. Janeway secretly wants to be with Seven of Nine, lying there in bed, circling her tongue around Seven of Nine's perk nipples. However, Janeway knows that this love is forbidden by Starfleet protocol. As a result, she only wants to see Seven of Nine happy, even if it means being with Chakotay. During the last episode of season 7, future Janeway argues with her present self to take the pathway home. Present Janeway finally gives in, when future Janeway reveals that Seven of Nine dies if they do not take the path home. Future Janeway is also willing to sacrifice herself in order to ensure that Seven of Nine lives, even if it means being with Chakotay.
Captain Janeway: "I'd like to help you explore your...humanity."
Seven of Nine: "I don't see how being naked is relevant?"
Captain Janeway: "This will help you to learn to feel more comfortable around other women in the sonic showers."
Seven of Nine: "Is it common for one woman to wash another woman's back?"
Captain Janway: "Of course it is Seven of Nine. It's all part of the natural course of human life. Just lean forward, relax, and learn to love it. That's it. Let me get your lower back."

*Janeway begins to slide one, then two fingers into Seven of Nine*

Janeway: "I never knew a borg could be so warm in wet inside."
by Lightboxes April 09, 2008
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Starlet Captain of the USS Voyager, which was launched in 2371. She is a character in Star Trek Voyager, and made a small appearance as Vice Admiral Janeway, approx. 2 years after returning home from the Delta Quadrant. She is a personal favorite of mine, along with the rest of her crew. Her catchphrase is "Coffee, Black." Or "Theres coffee in that nebula!" She is the first female captain of any Star Trek series.
by Captain Kathryn Janeway June 18, 2015
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