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He is the amazing Captain Fluke! He plays games, but doesn't really stick to a "let's play," but that's pretty cool that he doesn't. He has a few play lists that include MULTIplaying!, Playing!, and some mine craft. He is in a crew (Rage calls it Crew but the others are trying to find a better one), with RageGamingVideos, GenerationHollow, Evanz111 Tyde, Peace, and Gubiak. Captain Fluke just goes by the name of Fluke or Will. Mainly Fluke because Evanz111's name is also Will. Will (Fluke) has googles, that is what he mine craft skin is wearing. On mine craft people say he loves Ocelots.
Captain Fluke is awesome
by CheeseheadSyd (Sydney Wick) October 02, 2013
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