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Another nickname for 'James May' from Top gear, usually called this by his friends, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard 'Hamster' Hammond, James loves pies and hates the french.
He likes classical music and smokes a pipe.
He uses tampons to clean his motorbike.
He possibly has a shed.
He plays the keyboard.
He likes the new Dacia Sandero
He is the first person ever to go to the north pole, and didn't want to go there in the first place.
His catchphrase is 'Oh Cock'
'Oh Cock' - James May, Captain Slow
by Shruikalta March 26, 2009
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nickname given to James May of Top Gear on BBC. he earned the title through losing almost all competitions held between the three hosts of the show and for his generally slow driving style.
"Sorry were so slow. James May is driving."- jeremy clarkson
"We've got captain slow behind the wheel of a diesel towing a caravan."- jeremy clarkson
"I really enjoy this speed. And I'm captain slow."- james may
by |STRYKER| August 23, 2006
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"We've got captain slow behind the wheel of a diesel towing a caravan." - Jeremy Clarkson
by DrXshock April 28, 2019
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