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1. Anyone who gets overly intoxicated rapidly and winds up laying on the floor puking on the carpet before anyone else is even buzzed.

2. An Appalachian folk hero who's spirit hides in bottles of cheap whiskey waiting to possess anyone who consumes the liquor. Possession by Captain Shitty can be spotted by looking for the symptoms: heavy intoxication, singing off beat to the music, laying on the ground, excessive vomiting, loud voice, basic and outrageous shenanigans, and the use of the phrases "I'm not drunk," and "I love you guys", often mashed into one loud slurred sentence.

3. Your friends cousin who gets extremely fucked up on his first ever acid hit and a massive amount of shitty vodka at one of your acid parties and pukes all over the place and sends you into a bad trip since your contemplating a possible emergency situation on acid.
#1: I'mnotdrunkIloveyouguys!- pukes - Woooooo!
#2: Dude, shut the fuck up.
#1: That girls got a sweet ass. Like to. Fuck her. HEY!
#3: That's my girlfriend. You need to shut the fuck up.
#2: Fuckin' kids turned into Captain Shitty, don't listen to him.
by StonedRoxy January 01, 2012
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